Bamboe stable planks are an ecological alternative to tropical hardwood.

The solid Bamboo boards are from compressed Bamboo fibers.

This process make the stable planks very dense, hard and stable.

Bamboe strips
De Bamboe bomen worden gesneden tot strips van 3 cm om achteraf een hele reeks behandelingen te ondergaan tot geperste balken.
Bamboe balken
Nadat de strips zijn geperst tot balken gaan we over tot het maken van de tand en groef planken.
Barn met Bamboe plank
Bamboe plank geolïed met kleur Royal
Bamboe planken met ventilatie
Bruine 9 laags UV-coating
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The Bamboe stable planks are available in 2 different types: UV-coated and oiled and 2 different colours: naturel and brown.

For external use, you will need to oil the boards once a year to keep the loo and stop any water ingress.

The UV-coated boards for internal stables requie no ongoing maintenance. Just an annual cleaning.

All the Bamboo stable planks are avaible with the following specifications:

Thickness: 28mm, 32 mm, 38 mm

Lenghts: 980 mm, 1180 mm, 1280 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm

Visual width when installed: 130 mm

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