The safety of your beloved four-legged friend, being a pony, horse, donkey, deer or other, is of great importance.

That is why it is necessary to place high quality stall shelves in the stables.

Herman bv therefore chooses very carefully his materials to manufacture these boards.



Economically and ecologically responsible

The recycling of PET bottles and HDPE bottles is a good thing, both economically and ecologically. It consumes less energy than the production of new plastic and requires fewer raw materials, including oil. In addition, the plastic bottles and flasks no longer end up as residual waste. So a double advantage: we pay less and we pollute less!



Bamboo species often grow very fast. The fastest growing plant in the world is a particular type of bamboo with growth rates of one metre per day already observed. This is three times as fast as the fastest growing tree.


Herman bv annually checks the Bamboo forests in China for the processing of the stable boards.